"Leading organization working in the Himalaya"


A country where citizens are aware of human rights and democratic freedom and the governing agencies fully respect, protect and fulfill all human rights of its citizens.


HRENDC-Nepal’s focus is to work towards the promotion of policies, institutions and capacity that contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic freedom. It aspires to be a watchdog, lobbyist and policy interventionist while pursuing its stated mission.

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Program Management

 ActivitiesIt shall conduct its operations through divisions including two regional offices. The functions of divisions are as follows:

Centre for Development Studies and Policy Making

  • Governance Development
  • Human Rights
  • Social & Gender Inclusion
  • Documentation & Publication
  •  Policy Research
  • Communication & Media Development

Program Development Group

  • ActivityTraining & Education
  • Livelihood Development
  • Health & Emergency Relief
  • Operation of Regional Offices  

Monitoring and Evaluation Group

  • Monitoring
  • Action Research
  •  Information Management 

Finance and General Administration

  • Accounts
  • Micro Finance
  • Maintenance & Security
  • Procurement
  • General Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Asset Management

Each group periodically reviews its function including progress reports with CEO, if required. Based on outcomes of the meetings and periodic progress, each of them prepares and revises their periodic planning and operation methods.

There are major programs  in execution:


Project Title

Proposed period.

Description of the project/ Location

Funded by



School support program

2007 to running

Kotdanda, Hyanglu & Shreekot of Mugu

KIKA Foundation

2 Child Friendly Model village project 2011 to running Rara, Kalai, Sheri, Pina, Karkibada BTL