"Leading organization working in the Himalaya"


A country where citizens are aware of human rights and democratic freedom and the governing agencies fully respect, protect and fulfill all human rights of its citizens.


HRENDC-Nepal’s focus is to work towards the promotion of policies, institutions and capacity that contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic freedom. It aspires to be a watchdog, lobbyist and policy interventionist while pursuing its stated mission.

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The HRENDC-Nepal’s Executive Committee, (EC) under the General Assembly (GA) is the organizational governing body. The EC ensures effective and efficient implementation of policy direction and guidance within the overall policy framework defined by the GA. The EC also reviews overall progress and plans and budgets annually, and adjusts the HRENDC’s organizational structure in commensurate to annual plan and programs. The EC commission's missions for reviews and evaluations of overall as well as specific programs and operations of HRENDC-Nepal whenever such exercises are deemed necessary. The EC members are elected at an interval of three years from among the members of the organization during General Assembly. The EC arranges for annual audit of HRENDC’s financial transactions. The EC also manages the human resources necessary for the smooth operation of projects and program.