"Leading organization working in the Himalaya"


A country where citizens are aware of human rights and democratic freedom and the governing agencies fully respect, protect and fulfill all human rights of its citizens.


HRENDC-Nepal’s focus is to work towards the promotion of policies, institutions and capacity that contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic freedom. It aspires to be a watchdog, lobbyist and policy interventionist while pursuing its stated mission.

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Our Values

HREND-Nepal is committed:

  •    The recognition and practical application of the principle that all human rights- civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights- are “universal, indivisible and interdependent and interrelated”
  •   The recognition that all public and private actors in society including the makers of the constitution have a duty to respect and promote human rights and democratic freedom,
  •    A commitment to diversity and equality of outcomes in law, policy, and practice, or commitment to equity, justice, freedom, peace and aligned to its philosophy of empowering through knowledge building,
  • An unrestricted opportunity to participate in the human rights movement through monitoring, knowledge building, advocacy, lobbying and campaigns in the newly available open and transparent full-fledged democratic era.
  • Prioritizing the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and the adoption of special measures to assist these groups to gain access to opportunities, resources and social services,